Paragliding Trip

Pokhara is one of the top five commercial tandem paragliding destinations in the world and the landing and taking-off zones here are quite safe. Paragliding is the simplest and safest way of discovering the beauty of Nepal by getting aerial views of the majestic Himalayas. The 30-45 minute flight will give you a birds-eye view of the mountains which are covered in a white blanket of snow against the green hills. Some of the highest mountain ranges you can view here are Annapurna, Machhapuchhre, and Dhaulagiri.

The resort arranges the Paragliding tour for you with the best team ensuring an exciting experience, the right training, and other related facilities. Nepal is beautiful, and Paragliding is the ideal way of relishing its beauty from every angle. The package varies as per the time duration, type of the Paragliding, region covered, and more.

We make sure to provide you with the service that has proper insurance coverage, and other guided knowledge needful for the tour. Best time for Paragliding in Nepal in September, October, November, February, and March.

You can go for tandem paragliding where you will be seated in a separate harness and the pilot will take care of managing your paraglider while you enjoy the thrill and views. However, if you are experienced and wish to fly independently, you will need to get a flying permit from the civil aviation office in Pokhara. Either way, paragliding is one of the best experiences to have in Pokhara.

Tandem Paragliding – In this type of paragliding you can sit in front of the pilot in a separate harness and adore in the beautiful surroundings. You are free to take photographs or ask questions to the pilot of your flight.

Fly on your own – Experienced paragliders would prefer to fly on their own. For this, one needs to get a flying permit from Pokhara’s civil aviation office. A permit for 15 days costs around $45 (INR 4520) which can be renewed upon expiration. You need to provide a photocopy of your visa, passport, your own photo, paragliding license, and proof of insurance.

During peak season more than 250 flights take place in Pokhara. A typical paragliding flight will start from Sarangkot, hover over Sarangkot for a while and heads over to Pokhara where you can perform spiraling acrobatics if you want. Companies offer three flights a day, seven days a week. Experiencing paragliding in Pokhara is unique as it offers stable thermals, comfortable landing and take-off zones, the safety of a large lake, and breath-taking mountain views.