Rafting Trips

Given its mountainous steep terrain, you will find some of the best white water rafting in Nepal. Rafting trips in Pokhara are unique as during the trip you will encounter the magnificent vistas of terraced paddy fields, traditional houses on the hillsides, flat plains, valleys, and deep gorges. You can select one-day or two-day trips or two-week expedition and include trekking to reach remote rivers as well.

Infinity Resort understands the hankering of your wandering soul and arranges best services to provide an incredible experience of River Rafting Trips, giving you the ultimate experience of sailing down a river. Assuring a fledged adventure satisfaction, we hope to assist you with the best of our efforts.
Further, you can also decide to go paddle rafting in a team or experience kayaking and canoeing alone.
Also, rafting in the Seti River, which is one of the most beautiful rivers in Nepal, will be a thrilling adventure. You will be awestruck with the scenic beauty of the valley while on a bumpy ride in the water.

Seti River Rafting – Experience the thrill of white water rafting amidst the beauty of nature and picturesque villages. Seti River Rafting is ideal for first-timers and is famous for some of the most stunning views in Nepal. You will pass through lush green hills, valleys, and mesmerising jungle scenery. Moreover, the Seti River Rafting is also popular among bird-watcher along with nature lovers. The river is a two-hour drive from Pokhara and the prime attraction of rafting in this Himalayan River is the unique experience of passing through two beautiful areas of Annapurna regions and Manaslu. Besides rafting, you can also enjoy kayaking in this river. You will be guided by experienced rafters here to ensure a safe and enjoyable rafting trip.