Infinity Resort Spa is a royal rejuvenating treat for your body and soul. With the mission to relax you completely, we create a soothing and healing ambiance that allows our guests to experience ultimate composure.

The spa and wellness center is well-equipped and is run by experienced professionals. The therapists and masseuses/masseur at the spa are skilled and well-known for their adeptness in relaxation techniques. Our therapist brings you a caring heart and skilled hands and offers a lifestyle experience built around relief and rejuvenation.

Select from an exclusive range of spa and massage treatments from our extensive spa and wellness rituals:
• Thai Massage
• Foot Reflexology
• Abhyanga
• Aromatic Deep Tissue Oil Massage
• Emotional Healing Massage
• Detox Spa
• Beauty and Hair Therapy
• Trekker’s Massage
• Other Ayurvedic Massage and Rituals

*Trekker and sports massage is provided to help hikers with a deep state of relaxation and harmony, and prepare them for their next adventure.

A great spa relieves stress and body ache providing a calming and soothing effect on the body, mind, and soul. The use of herbal oils, medicinal powders, aroma, and other Ayurvedic and natural products (prepared in the traditional manner) enhances the overall experience.